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Anxiety Disorders In Humans

Anxiety disorders are psychological conditions when a person experiences excessive anxiety constantly and difficult to control, thus adversely affecting his or her daily life. For some normal people, anxiety usually arises in a particular event, such as when they will face a test at school or job interview. But in people with anxiety disorders, this anxiety often arises in every situation. That's why people who experience this condition will be difficult to feel relaxed from time to time. In addition to excessive anxiety or fear, other psychological symptoms that can arise in people with anxiety disorders are reduced confidence, become irritable, stressful, difficult to concentrate and become a loner. You may not feel that you are experiencing a health problem, but if you do not realize quickly then treatment will be difficult. Start accepting your own condition and you will be able to heal with our help from for you.

Although the cause of anxiety disorder is not known for certain, several factors are thought to trigger the emergence of the condition. Among these is the trauma of intimidation, harassment, and violence in the external or family environment. Other risk factors include prolonged stress, inherited genes from the elderly, and a serotonin and noradrenaline hormone imbalance in the brain that controls mood. Anxiety disorders can also be triggered by abuse of alcohol and drugs.