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Drawing, Train Children’s Knowledge

No need to wait to train the child's fine motor. From an early age, you can introduce the activity of writing or draw to the baby. This activity as well as sharpening his four bits of intelligence. Playing with pencils, crayons, or paint on paper is certainly a preoccupation for children. This writing, drawing, or coloring activity is not just fun for them. Moreover, there are great benefits behind the scattered papers, dirty clothes, and floors, or the hands of children with crayon traps, markers, or paint. This draw for kids activity is used to stimulate the child's motor nerves. Therefore, one of the activities in kindergarten was never absent from learning to draw, paint, or coloring.

Drawing provides an opportunity for children to have a better space of creativity than memorizing. If children memorize too much, they will forget later on. Although they can remember, they do not necessarily understand what the teacher is saying. Through writing or drawing, there is at least four intelligence trained, ie intelligent motion, image, self, and intelligent language. Intelligent motion that is when the child makes a picture, he is training his hand movements. Meanwhile, intelligent images are how children can create the various shapes they draw. Intelligent self, ie through images of children can create images that fit their imagination.

As for intelligent language, children are able to express what they want to say through the pictures they pour. Amin further explained that fine motor nerves can be trained and developed through continuous and routine activities and stimuli. And should be done early, may just give the baby a paper to be played around as long as we supervise. From there he learned to hold. Every child is a different person. They have motion intelligence (bodily-kinesthetic) of talent, tendency, and fine motor intelligence that is also not the same.

This difference is influenced by multiple intelligence (learning style) of children and stimulation obtained, especially during the first period of growth or better known as the golden age. Certainly sharpening this motor intelligence is done gradually according to age. For children aged three years, for example, a motor that is more widely used motor is the rough motor. Usually, this age child will start drawing following shapes, draw lines, and start cutting.