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The Need for Millenial Generation Digital Devices is Increasing

All the millennial generation digital needs today can be accessed via smartphone. To shorten the workmanship time, highly needed high-specification device with the most recent features and support high flexibility. Based on Indonesian Internet User Research 2016 by the Association of Internet Network Providers as many as 132.7 million people have been connected to the internet with 63.1 million people or 47.6 percent access from smartphones. This figure is very much comparable when compared to the level of access via a computer that only 2.2 million people or 1.7% of the population. For that, it is time you choose the best internet service provider like

This makes smartphone manufacturers trying to create the latest devices in a fairly fast time. Performing various digital activities with your smartphone will be easier with Wi-Fi Display support. Communication using Internet technology is almost everyone's primary needs. The rapid development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) caused the change of network system pattern to become more efficient. The beginning of Internet technology (interconnection-networking) is only to connect networks between computers based on Internet Protocol (IP) as a packet switching communication protocol (IP).