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Standard Type, Low Watt or Inverter?

Split type AC current can be divided into 3 types namely Standard, Low Watt, and Inverter. Type Low Watt in the sense is the Standard type that the use of power on the compressor is reduced so that electricity efficient. The low watt type is suitable for homes that have small electric power aircon servicing. Conceptually the way the low watt type and standard type work are the same. Unlike the inverter type where the AC inverter will work very hard on the initial pull to cool the room quickly.

When the room temperature has reached the temperature set on the remote then the AC inverter will reduce its performance so that the use of watts will be relatively lower. The type of inverter uses a very large wattage for an early pull and wattage usage will be relatively low when the room is cold. To perform the best AC installation, you can get our aircon servicing to help you.

Many additional features are useless on your air conditioner. Of all the features we recommend you buy the air conditioner that features air purifier and deodorizing. This feature has a different name for each brand so make sure you ask first. In the Sharp brand, this technology is called Plasmacluster technology. Make sure you look for similar technology on other brands because this air conditioner will make your room more comfortable.