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How to wash newborn clothes is one of the knowledge that needs to be studied every prospective parent or new parents who have a baby. Washing baby clothes is not complicated, but it can not be equated with washing adults clothes because of babies, especially newborns, have special needs according to their immature. You just need a little knowledge and carefulness to read the label of baby clothes care to ensure the results of laundry will not irritate the skin of the baby. You can visit and we will help you to clean your baby clothes.

Here are some tips on caring for baby clothes, especially new ones purchased, to remove dust and chemical ingredients used during the production process as well as organic impurities after clothing worn.

- During the first six months of the baby's age, wash the baby clothes apart from the clothes of other residents to prevent contamination of dirt from adult clothing.

- Handle food stains and baby droppings before clothes are washed. Remove solid waste on the cloth, then rinse the part under running water. If the spots are still visible, soak them in water mixed with a mild detergent.