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To run ads, car wrapping brisbane attracts the public to become a Driver Partner. The partners who own this car will run the ads in their own car and will earn money every month. In the dashboard, advertisers can monitor where the ads run, how many kilometers have been taken, and how many impressions have been obtained. The data is displayed in real-time so that advertisers get an outdoor advertising experience, different from ever. So we not only make it easy for advertisers, being the Brisbane driver car wrapping partners also benefit from additional monthly income.

We continue to commit to bringing good news to business people, that now they no longer need to spend big for promotional activities. car wrapping Brisbane is ready to run your brand on target location you want with measurable results and much more economical cost. The difference is that drivers who sit behind the wheel with an ad in their car body - who may be heading to their workplace - will have more time to think about the product than the ad, than if he just glances at the billboard he is passing through.