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Plastic ice skating rink is a new popular sports product coming from Europe and America. Benefiting from technical advances, synthetic plastic surfaces almost have no difference from real ice, but it has an unbounded profit cost synthetic ice. Meanwhile, it will not be limited by weather factor, regardless of wind, snow or rain. No matter the temperature will be high or low, you can always enjoy skating sports on our low friction plastic surfaces, but do not have to pay the expensive cost to make real ice. Without complicated ice-making equipment, without electricity and water consumption, it is perfect for all skating sports. Innovative producing mode makes the most popular synthetic ice rink.

There are several reasons why you should choose; There is no requirement for expensive generators or horrible units. No big fuel bills. There is no possibility of damage to the surface of the premises, often caused by heavy machinery. No proposed place turned into a building. There is no risk that 'ice' will melt. Guaranteed skating, whatever the weather. No environmental issues to address. Safe skating options for beginner skaters (NISA approved). Substantially cheaper. Greatly reduced installation time.