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Male condoms are the only means of contraception that can be used as a preventative of pregnancy as well as eliminate various venereal diseases. Male condoms are available everywhere and their use is not too complicated. No wonder if condoms become the most commonly used method of contraception couples. However, its efficacy in preventing pregnancy you should learn carefully because you can still get pregnant despite the use of condoms during sex with vaginal penetration. Visit our website to buy condoms.

Male condoms are only able to guarantee the prevention of pregnancy up to 98%. The prevalence of pregnancy that occurs through sex with male condoms reaches 2 people out of every 100 women. This figure is still dependent on the quality and how to use the condom itself. Currently, there is no condom that can provide a guarantee of security up to 100%.

How to get pregnant despite condom use?

The possibility that you remain pregnant despite condom use is very small, but that does not mean it is impossible. Supposedly if condoms are used properly, pregnancy can be prevented. However, during sex, there are many things that can happen so that male condoms become ineffective in preventing pregnancy. If the penis has touched the vaginal area before putting on a condom, the sperm present in the men's semen may find a way to the uterus and fertilize the egg even though penetration has not been performed. Or when the penetration progresses, the condom unintentionally escapes from the male penis. In addition, male condoms that are damaged or leaked during penetration are also at risk of causing pregnancy. Usually, the risk of pregnancy despite condom use will also increase if women do not use other contraceptives such as pills or vaginal rings.

Why can condoms get damaged?

Male condoms are generally made of latex (rubber) or very thin polyurethane and are designed with tube-like shapes. Usually, the condom material is strong enough to prevent semen from touching or entering the vagina. However, in some cases with the improper use of condoms may be damaged and leaked. Here are some reasons why condoms can be damaged and fail to prevent pregnancy.

- When installing a condom or tearing it off the packaging, your fingernails or fingers accidentally rip a very thin condom and you do not realize it

- Your condom age is too old or past its validity.