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Understand this if you wish to become an expert emcee

The Master of Ceremonies or MC or emcee is an activity to guide an event. Such as entertainment events, birthday events, weddings and so on. Being an MC or a casual show host is easy. But really not so, because to be able to become a reliable MC takes skill and knowledge deep. The good news all the skills and knowledge on how to become successful MC can be learned. In the meantime, you can also click here if you wish to learn more about this profession.

Prepare the key to becoming a successful MC

The adequate preparation is one of the keys to the success of an MC. Good preparation is part of professionalism. Not exactly someone who served without preparation is what the professional says. A good MC will prepare everything, such as clothing and show material, in order to proceed smoothly.

For a professional who has high flying hours generally, have more preparation than the MC that his flying hours a little. But that's not entirely a guarantee. Many also MCs that have high flying hours cannot display the best performance. This kind of thing naturally happens, because indeed various nontechnical factors may happen. But one key that we must remember the success of becoming an MC is very dependent on the preparation that we do, the better prepared we do then the better will be.

Know When to Reject and Receive Bids

To become a professional MC, then you should know when to refuse and accept offers.

For people who are just learning, generally will accept all the offers that come to him. It was done because the spirit is too passionate, want to be able to perform and prove that he is a competent MC.

Such zeal may be, but you should also know that under certain circumstances an MC may also refuse an offer that comes to him.

Then, a professional MC who states that the first thing to do is to pay attention whether the offer or request that you will receive or you reject. Rejection is not because you are afraid, but because it is realistic.

An example of a sudden morning you are asked to become an MC to replace the previous MC, because of illness. The event is a campus anniversary celebration night, which has a series of events from day to night. In the event, you are also asked to dress custom, because the theme of the celebration is about local culture.

That's when you need to consider, is it time to study the situation and the show, then dress, dress up and get ready two hours before the event starts? If you find it impossible to do so, rejection is a calculated refusal, not just afraid of the task. But, if all the preparations are possible, include venue observations and learn the show. Then you need to say I am able to be the MC of this event.